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Teaching at Hengyang Normal University
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The foreign teachers at Hengyang Teachers’ University come from a diverse group of professionals. There is one new teacher from Japan who is enjoying the challenge of learning to speak a new language while teaching his own language to ambitious students. Another teacher from England brings much experience and expertise to the teaching staff at Hengyang Teachers’ University.  One teacher comes to Hengyang from Canada. Being fairly proficient in Chinese and having taught in this city already, he is popular with many of the students. Finally, six teachers are from the United States. They are here with an organization that has a purpose to provide China’s Universities with native speakers who have also been certified in teaching English as a Foreign Language. The teachers are happy to be working with such excellent students and staff at Hengyang Teachers’ University. "Teaching at Hengyang Normal University has been exactly what I was hoping it would be - the faculty is very supportive, the student body is eager and disciplined, and every day in the classroom is another opportunity to challenge the students that are always striving to improve.  My wife and I made the right decision to come to Hengyang,” says Charlie Hodges about his experience.

By Portia Strasser

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