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Chancellor & Administration
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Xu Jinsheng: Secretary of CPC HYNU committee

Presiding over CPC HYNU committee;

Administering the Department of Art




Liu Peilin: President

Presiding over administration of HYNU

In charge of the Party and Administration Office and the Department of Audit

Administering the Department of Resources Environment and Tourism Management 



Long Xiancheng: Vice Secretary of CPC HYNU Committee

Presiding over Division of Organization, Division of Propaganda,the Party School of HYNU Committee, General Apparatus Branch of CPC HYNU Committee, United Front Work and the Council of the Communist Youth League, and Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Department
Administering Department of News and Media, Department of Music 



Pi Xiuping: Vice President

Presiding over Dean’s office, Nanyue College, Teaching Quality Monitoring Center, College Education Research Institute

Administering the Department of Humanity and Social Science, the Department of Economy and Law





Xiang Qingcheng: Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission

Presiding over the Division of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision, the Department of Retired Employees, the Editorial Department of Periodical

Administering the Department of Foreign Language 




Kuang Daizhi: Vice President

Presiding over the Division of Personnel, the Division of Recruitment and Employment, Archives of HYNU

Administering the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science





Chen Jiefeng: Vice President

Presiding over the Department of Students Affairs, the Department Of Defense, the Department of the People’s Armed Force

Administering the Department of Physical Education




Zhang Dengyu: Vice President

Presiding over the Division of Science and Technology, the Learning Construction Office, Continuous Education College

Administering the Department of Physics and Electronic Information Science, the Department of Life Science



Liu Fujiang: Vice President

Presiding over the Division of Planning Finance, the Division of Planning and Construction

Administering the Department Of Chinese




Tong Xiaojiao: Vice President

Presiding over the Division of Property, Modern Educational Technology and Net Management Centre, the Division of International Exchange, the Library

Administering the Department of Mathematics and Computational Science, the Department of Computer Science




Liao Beiwen: Vice-President

Presiding over the Labor Union, Financial Affairs

Administering the Department of Educational Science


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