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A Survey of Hengyang Normal University
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Hengyang Normal University (HYNU) is a public university for undergraduates affiliated to Hunan provincial government. Hengyang Normal University, dating back to Hunan Government Authorized Teachers’ Academy in 1904, was one of longhistory teachers colleges all over the country when she was then renamed Hengyang Teachers College founded in 1958. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, the former Hengyang Teachers College and Hengyang Education College was merged into Hengyang Normal University in March, 1999. Then the former Hunan Third Teacher Training School was merged in February, 2001.  Carrying on good educational tradition during the long history of personnel cultivation, Hengyang Normal University sticks to the motto of “Morality, Erudition, Aspiration, and Practice”. Her operating philosophy is to set “quality as foundation, talents as strength, and characteristics as promotion”. She is honored as the provincial “Civilized University”, “Garden-style Unit”, and “Window of Civilization”. She is also awarded as the national “Exemplary Home of Staff” and “Advanced Unit of Social Practice of College Students”.
Hengyang Normal University is situated in Hengyang city which is a national historic and cultural city and the second biggest city of Hunan province. In the north lies Mount Heng, or Nanyue, one of the five well-known mountains in China. She was divided into the eastern campus and the western campus, with Xiang River between them. 

The university covers a total area of over 144 acres. There are more than 16,000 undergraduates studying in 17 departments. There are 3 provincial research bases and 17 internal research institutions. The university has established 3 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial key majors, 7 featured majors (among these, the subject of physics is recognized as “the first class of featured major constructing spot” of the Minister of Education), 12 provincial classic subjects, 1 provincial key laboratory, 2 provincial basic subject demonstration laboratories, 1 provincial practical teaching demonstration centre, 1 provincial university research and industry production cooperation demonstration base. There are 39 full-time undergraduate majors, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management. 
There is a staff of over 1,100 with a faculty of nearly 700, of which nearly 240 are professors and associate professors. More than 60% teachers are graduates or doctors. The university has 1 provincial technological innovation group and 4 provincial teaching groups. She has 6 experts who are entitled to allowance of the State Council, 1 national outstanding educator, 6 national excellent teachers, 3 provincial eminent teachers, 1 new century talent of the Ministry of Education, 4 provincial academic pacemakers, 8 who are chosen into the provincial new-century 121 talent project, and 60 provincial backbone teachers.

Hengyang Normal University is characterized by teacher training, with the necessity of morals, the core of education, and the lifeline of teaching quality. In the history of about a century, 200,000 talents graduated from this university. She is the cradle of basic education teachers in Hunan province, especially in south Hunan. In Hengyang, more than 70% teachers and more than 80% middle school principals are alumni or alumnae of this university. 
Now Hengyang Normal University is strengthening infrastructure and academic construction with the principle of innovation, advancement, and ambition. By improving teaching, research and faculty, she is trying to be an advanced and comprehensive teacher education university. 


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